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Zoro Shows Off His Deadly Skills in New Anime Clip

Zoro Shows Off His Deadly Skills in New Anime Clip
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Zoro reminds everyone why he’s one of One Piece’s most beloved characters in a new anime clip showcasing his battle with Apoo.

Zoro takes on Apoo in a new one piece anime clips.


The clip was released by streaming company Crunchyroll to its official YouTube account and features the climax of Zoro’s battle with the Beasts Pirate’s Scratchmen Apoo in Episode 1010 of the long-running anime series. In the clip, Zoro uses his unrivaled abilities di lui as a swordsman to effortlessly dispatch Apoo and retrieve an antibody vial for his fellow Straw Hat Pirate, Chopper.

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Roronoa Zoro was first introduced in Chapter 3 of the one piece manga. The bounty hunter is one of the first Straw Hat Pirates to join Monkey D. Luffy on his adventure di lui, and his unique Three Sword Style di lui has made him one of the most feared and powerful combatants in the series. He is also one of the series’ most popular characters, and a bronze statue of him was recently erected in Kumamoto Prefecture, the region of Japan that series creator Eiichiro Oda is from.

Fans will hopefully get to see an equally impressive interpretation of the character in Netflix’s upcoming live-action reboot of one piece, which recently began filming. The swordsman will be portrayed by Japanese-American actor Mackenyu, the son of legendary actor and martial artist Sonny Chiba. Mackenyu previously starred in the live-action adaptations of Chihayafuru and Ruroni Kenshin. The series will also star Go, Youth! and Who Killed Sara?‘s Iñaki Godoy as the stretchy Monkey D. Luffy and Boiling Point‘s Taz Skylar as the fighting chef Sanji.

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one piece premiered in the pages of Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump magazine in 1997 and is now the best-selling manga series in history, with over half-a-billion copies in circulation worldwide. The series achieved a number of impressive milestones in 2021, including the publication of its 1000th chapter and the broadcast of the anime adaptation’s 1000th episode. The series tells the story of Monkey D. Luffy, a young boy who becomes the leader of a motley band of adventurers and warriors known as the Straw Hat Pirates. Together, they explore the world and compete with other pirate crews to unravel the mystery surrounding One Piece, a legendary treasure left behind by an infamous pirate captain. Oda’s manga is available in English from VIZ Media. The anime series can be streamed from Funimation and Crunchyroll, while select seasons from series are available on Hulu and Netflix. The series is also being broadcast as part of Toonami’s late night anime block.

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