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What to Expect From Season 3 (According to the Manga)

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It usually takes time for an anime to announce its subsequent season, but that is not the case with demon slayer. Ufotable announced the third season right after the second season finale. That speaks to how well-received demon slayer truly is. Another curious thing about demon slayer is the fact that the manga actually finished its run in 2020. Not many manga will get an anime adaptation after the series has reached its conclusion. Even one of the former big three like Bleach didn’t receive the adaptation to its biggest and final arc. It took years of planning and continuous support from the fans to make Studio Pierrot decide to create the anime for Bleach’s last arc and release it in 2022, six years after the publication of the last chapter.

However, one good thing about an anime adaptation that is made after the manga ended is the fact that fans can jump into the manga to find out what happens next in the story. That being said, there are lots of fans who don’t want to be spoiled and prefer to wait for the anime, yet at the same time, they are also curious about what’s about to come. Well, for fans that feel that way, here’s what you can expect from the third season of demon slayerpresented with as few spoilers as possible.

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A Visit to the Swordsmith Village


Apart from the first season, every season and movie from demon slayer thus far focuses solely on adapting one arc at a time. That was the case for the movie that covered the Mugen Train Arc and the second season that adapted the entirety of the Entertainment District Arc. This third season is no different. This one will focus solely on the Swordsmith Village Arc.

The Swordsmith Village is one of the affiliate organizations within the Demon Slayer Corps, just like with the Fuji Family that let Demon Slayer members rest in their facility or Kakushi who clean up after the battle of every Demon Slayer and do various odd jobs for the corps . As the name suggests, Swordsmith Village itself is a place where the nichirin swords are created and repaired. Moreover, the fighters from the Demon Slayer corps often use this hidden village as a way to recover and train as well.

The Arrival of two Hashira

Demon Slayer - All The Hashira Bowing To Ubuyashiki

At the start of the story, there are 9 active Hashira in the Demon Slayer corps. They were introduced in the first season, and starting from Mugen train, a Hashira always plays a major role within the story. The Flame Hashira, Kyojuro Rengoku, fell during the Mugen Train Arc, while the Sound Hashira, Tengen Uzui, decided to retire after the end of the Entertainment District Arc.

In the Swordsmith Village Arc, another Hashira will also appear and take the center stage. However, unlike all the previous seasons, this time around, two Hashiras will arrive at the Swordsmith Village. They are the Mist Hashira, Muichiro Tokito, and the Love Hashira, Mitsuri Kanroji.

Just like any other Hashira in the series, both Tokito and Kanroji are eccentric individuals. Tokito is a scatterbrain who won’t hesitate to spew insults at everybody. On the other hand, Kanroji is an airhead who is obsessed with love and always on the lookout for potential love interests. And similar to all the previous Hashira that have appeared in the series before, they both are insanely strong.

The Arrival of two High-Ranking Members of the Twelve Kizuki

Daki And Gyutaro in Demon Slayer

The Mugen Train Arc saw the first appearance of an upper-rank member of the demons from the twelve kizuki, the upper rank three Akaza. After that, the Entertainment District Arc saw a major turning point due to the death of the upper rank six, Daki and Gyutaro. Continuing with these trends, Swordsmith Village will have two upper-rank demons at the same time. They are the upper rank five, Gyokko, and the upper rank four, Hantengu.

This time around, both upper-rank demons come in some sort of infiltration mission. Both of them are extremely strong, utilize strange techniques, and are extremely dangerous. Just like Daki and Gyutaro, they also have a secret up their sleeves. There are certain things that Tanjirou and the other Demon Slayers have to do in order to defeat them. The ensuing fights between these two ridiculously powerful demons against the two Hashiras and Tanjirou’s gang are guaranteed to be epic.

Big Changes for Nezuko

nezuko in her berserk form

In the last season, Nezuko has proven to be an indispensable asset on the battlefield. Her demonic state gives her super strength along with the ability to wield fire that can both burn demons and also heal allies. Although she still hasn’t regained her humanity back, slowly but surely, she begins to learn to harness her power and help her brother defeat all kinds of demons.

The Swordsmith Village Arc will present surprising and massive changes on Nezuko. Something unprecedented will happen to her that will break the balance between the two opposing powers. However, this transformation comes with a steep price. Tanjirou has to sacrifice the most important thing in his life and in the process, break his heart to pieces.

There are so many great things that the fans will see in the third season of demon slayer. Everything will escalate, the story will progress, and the battles will become more intricate and thrilling at the same time. And knowing how Ufotable handles the animation thus far, it is safe to say that the third season will look fantastic. So be sure to look forward to the upcoming demon slayer Swordsmith Village Bow adaptation.

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