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What Are Anime’s New Big 3?

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With the “Big 3” making a bit of a resurgence with Bleach’s back, One Piece’s Wano Arc in its climax, and Boruto’s big moments like Naruto’s Baryon Mode, many anime fans are debating on what this generation’s “Big 3” really are.

Looking at things like longevity, cultural impact, and overall numbers and popularity, let’s take a deep dive into today’s biggest hits and determine which 3 reign supreme.

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Honorable Mentions

fire force shinra kusakabe anime

Before the next “Big 3” are listed, let’s take a look at some anime that are making huge waves around the world. These are shows that are still massively popular, but are ending soon and therefore won’t have the staying power of the original “Big 3.”

tokyo revenge is an anime that received critical acclaim when the manga adaptation hit streaming services. Garnering massive numbers in Japan upon its release, tokyo revenge has only increased in popularity. Many fans have even turned to the manga to stay more up-to-date with the story and characters. With a cast as memorable and diverse in their actions and abilities as this show has, it’s easy to see why tokyo revenge has seen such success. If the show can maintain its popularity and keep up with adapting the manga chapters that are captivating audiences everywhere, it has a shot at securing a spot in the “Big 3” down the line.

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fireforce is a show created by the same author as Soul Eater, an anime that received a lot of love after its initial release. Many fans are more than pleased with this series, as it better weaves its characters and mysteries together in a way that many feel Soul Eater was lacking. With incredible fights, top-tier sound design, and an eccentric cast of characters, fireforce is showing itself to be a strength to be reckoned with. Though the author has stated that the manga is in its final arc, the anime is sure to have at least 2-4 more seasons left to go. Fans should keep a close eye on this one.

Our final honorable mention may upset some, but it’s placed here due to the state the anime is in right now. BlackClover has seen a huge wave of popularity the last few years and boasts an incredibly imaginative world with unique powers, scaling, and characters in it. However, because the anime’s state of indefinite hiatus due to the anime catching up to the manga so quickly, it doesn’t quite meet the requirements for a “Big 3.” While it certainly isn’t over, this anime could still secure a spot in that coveted group once everything is said and done.

The New “Big 3”

Demon Slayer Tanjiro using powerful attack

The first to make the cut is an extremely new anime that has a lot of traction and has left a mark on the global community already; Jujutsu Kaisen. With an explosive first season, almost every major streaming service with access to this anime made it a point to advertise and sell it because audiences everywhere were going crazy to watch it. Animated by the now legendary studio MAPPA, JJK has seen massive numbers in streaming and in movie ticket sales. While the author has stated that he wants the story to be short, the manga is still going strong with complicated, interwoven storylines, brutal deaths, and fight scenes that can’t be undersold. Knowing this, the anime should be around for at least the next 5 years and audiences are going to look at Jujutsu Kaisen’s cast very similarly to how they looked at Naruto’s.

Yet another popular Shonen series, Demon Slayer has taken the world by storm. With some of the best-animated fight sequences ever seen, opening songs sung by anime fans across the globe, and heroes who embody the underdog spirit, Demon Slayer is here to stay. With now 2 seasons and a movie under its belt, fans can be sure that studio Ufotable are going to continue to do this show justice. Despite the manga having been completed for some time now, the show is sure to stick around for quite some time because Tanjiro’s fight has only just begun to heat up now that he’s faced a few Upper Moons.

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To cap off our list of this generation’s “Big 3,” My Hero Academia must make an appearance. While the fan base can sometimes turn people away from the show, its worldwide influence cannot be understated. Kids and adults around the globe have flocked to this anime to debate fights, character motivations, theories, best boy, best girl, and the list goes on and on. With a few movies and several seasons of anime, My Hero continue to be a staple in this generation’s “Big 3.” The manga is still going strong, only building more and more momentum towards its eventual climax, so audiences of all ages can look forward to Class 1-A’s continued struggle against the villains and learning what it means to truly be a hero.

The Elephant in the Room


This list wouldn’t be complete without mentioning one show in particular that has influenced anime culture for nearly a decade; Attack on Titan. With the anime coming to a close, it didn’t make this list in particular, but it will go down as one of the most popular and influential anime ever. It broke streaming number records and even broke some streaming services due to the sheer volume of fans trying to watch the show. Despite long hiatuses and studio changes, Attack on Titan persevered and maintained the Titan-like grip it had on the community at large.

Hopefully, fans everywhere can continue the debate on the “Big 3” and other shows continue to strive to be as influential and groundbreaking as the ones who came before them. With that, audiences have some amazing shows to keep watching and many yet to be discovered.

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