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Twisted Metal Will Be Peacock’s Most Bonkers Show

Twisted Metal Will Be Peacock's Most Bonkers Show
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PlayStation Productions isn’t slowing down when it comes to adapting their biggest franchises. After the strong opening weekend of the Uncharted movie and with HBO’s adaptation of The Last of Us in production for a potential 2023 release, the company is bringing a series based on the Twisted Metal games to NBC’s streaming service Peacock.

Anthony Mackie from The Falcon and the Winter Soldier will star and executive produce, playing a milkman who enters a vehicular combat tournament to make his dreams come true. The show seems to follow the same basic premise of the games, and any fan of those games can tell you that the franchise is just as crazy as it sounds. What’s also interesting is the behind-the-scenes setup; Will Arnett will also executive produce. The combination of Arnett, Mackie and Sony’s wildest video games might break Peacock.

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Twisted Metal Calypso

The video game series features the demonic Calypso — no relation to the Marvel villain about to be played by Ariana DeBose — who created the tournament and grants the victor a wish no matter what it is. Another popular character is Sweet Tooth (also referred to as “Needles” Kane), a killer in a clown mask who functions as the series’ mascot. There are several other characters, each one with their own backstory and reason for competing in the tournament. Gameplay is fast paced and explosive, utilizing various cars and weapons to achieve killer results.

Seeing such outrageous characters partake in the series’ explosive action, especially when the show is framed as a comedy rather than an action series, will definitely make the show stand out. Peacock is best known for being the new streaming home of The Officeand while it’s expanded its original offerings with shows like the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air reboot Bel Airit doesn’t have anything anywhere close to the sheer unpredictability of Twisted Metal.

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Twisted metal truck

The people involved ought to draw some eyeballs as well. Anthony Mackie has a huge fan following from his work in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, most recently in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. He can certainly pull off the action part. Audiences probably didn’t expect his and Arnett’s names to ever be in the same sentence, but Arnett knows a lot about over the top comedy from his years on Arrested Development. While it’s not clear exactly how much he’ll be involved in the show, the combination of the two — among many other people involved — could make this series the “killer app” Peacock needs.

But even if the TV show isn’t a massive success, the fact that an adaptation is being made at all is a win for fans of the games. Tea Twisted Metal franchise has been dormant for a long time; a film version was planned but never happened. Even if there might not be a new game anytime soon, the series can still live on in through this new television show.

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