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One Piece Episode 1013 release date, spoilers & everything we know so far!

One Piece Episode 1013 release date, spoilers & everything we know so far!
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The Japanese anime One Piece Episode 1013 is around the corner, and it seems the upcoming episode will complete the Wano Arc. One major fight described in that arc could be shown in the next episode. The episode will feature the battle between Luffy and Kaido. Several things are happening, as Luffy is continuously trying to make his way to the roof of the Skull Dome.

One Piece Episode 1013 might focus on Yamato meeting Fire Fist Ace for the first time.

In the last few chapters, we saw some distorted pictures in Onigashima. Luffy and Kaido exchange their most powerful attacks. We saw Luffy’s loss of him in the battle against Yonko; now fans are eagerly waiting for the Wano fight. Big Mom unleashes a thundercloud homie called Hera on Kid and Killer as a replacement for Zeus. Zeus escapes from the custody and looks for Big Mom, while Law teleports with Zoro into the Skull Dome, leaving Luffy alone with Kaidou.

In the meantime, Hera blasts Kids and Killer into the castle of Kaido and runs to be reunited with Big Mom. Jinbe, Luffy, and Sanji are trying to make their way to the top where Kaido is. One Piece anime episode 1012 depicts the situation in Onigashima, especially on the entertainment stage which was initially chaotic because of the Queen’s Ice Oni virus. It also shows Franky and Jinbei who have met the enemy they face.

One Piece episode 1013 is scheduled to be released on Sunday, March 6, 2022. One Piece Episode 1013 is titled “Yamato’s Past! The Man Who Came for the Sea Emperor!” the episode will begin with Yamato to reveal some important information about the past while he is in the middle of the battle. Yamato decides to go to the warehouse where they could hide. Shinobu wants to take some rest. Momonosuke finds a dragon statue.

Momonosuke asks Yamato about the dragon statue. One Piece Episode 1013 will say more on dragon statue, according to Tribun Jakarta.

The reports also leaked that Kaido has started to lift Onigashima by using Flame Clouds after Akazaya Nine lost. He intends to take Onigashima to the Flower Capital of Wano Country in One Piece Episode 1013.

Straw Hats’ other member, Chopper reveals that he can make an antidote to save allies. To provide more time to Chopper so that he can make the antidote, Macro uses his fire for everyone. The other members are also trying to protect Chopper. We can also see Queens orders his men di lui to attack Chopper to get the remedy in One Piece Episode 1013.

The other samurai and Hyogoro tell Zoro to go ahead, as it’s their responsibility to protect Chopper. Apoo will arrive to snatch the antidote from Chopper, but Drake will switch sides and bring down Apoo.

On the other side, Luffy and Jimbei are rushing toward the rooftop and looking for Sanji too. They use their Haki and find that many enemies are surrounding them. Luffy plans to go to Kaido. In another area, the battle between Franky and Sasaki begins.

Viewers can follow AnimeLab, Crunchyroll, Funimation, and Netflix to watch all the episodes of the Japanese anime series. Fuji TV is the first to air all the upcoming episodes.

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