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One Piece Cosplay Gives Robin & Nami A Samurai Wano Beach Makeover

One Piece Cosplay Gives Robin & Nami A Samurai Wano Beach Makeover
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Cosplayer twins Libby and Tess Yost bring to life a stunning version of One Piece’s Nami and Robin wearing their kunoichi outfits from the Wano arc.

Nami and Nico Robin are the only two female members of the Straw Hat Pirates, but they have always been a fundamental part of Luffy’s adventures in one piece. A stunning cosplay set by the twins Libby and Tess Yost shows how good the two pirate women would look in the traditional Japanese clothes worn by the people of Wano.

Nami appeared at the very beginning of one piece‘s story, becoming the second person to join Luffy’s crew, right after Zoro. She earned her nickname “Cat Burglar” due to her obsession with treasure and her seductive manners, but she is also one of the best navigators in the world and proved her worth di lei to the Straw Hats many times over the course of their adventures. Robin, on the other hand, debuted as an enemy of the crew, as part of the Baroque Works organization, led by Shichibukai Mr. Crocodile. She joined Luffy because Robin is running away from the World Government, as the last survivor of the scholars of Ohara, who went close to discovering the mystery of the Void Century. Since then, however, she grew strong bonds with the rest of the Straw Hats and considers them her family di lei. She is a valued historian and archaeologist, and the power of her Hana Hana no Mi Devil Fruit is a great resource in battle.

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Now, in a cosplay from Libby and Tess Yost, One piece fans can see the two female Straw Hats in their Wano disguises. That arc saw Luffy and his crew di lui go to Wano to free it from the tyrannical rule of the Emperor Kaido and his stooge di lui, the shogun Orochi. Part of the Straw Hats, including Robin, infiltrated Wano with the samurai Kin’emon. To ensure that they would escape detection, Kin’emon suggested that everyone go undercover and assume civilian identities until he and his comrades could assemble an army to stage a rebellion against the shogun and Kaido. Robin possed as a geisha so that she could get closer to Orochi and gather information. After that, Robin starts wearing a kunoichi (female ninja) attire, which is perfectly reproduced in the cosplay, with the purple daffodil pattern, a dark purple tsuke obi (kimono sash) with a large blue bow in the back, a red obijime (string), and a dark flower pattern-covered cloak over the shoulders.

Nami joined the rest of the crew in Wano at a later time, because she was busy rescuing Sanji from Big Mom on Whole Cake island together with Luffy. In Wano, she also wears a kunoichi outfit, red-colored and with a floral pattern. Rather than a tsuke obi, however, she has a traditional samurai armor plate that protects her midsection. Nami is usually scared of fighting, so it makes sense that she would wear extra protection. This doesn’t mean that Nami is defenseless, however, and the Yost twins in their cosplay also reproduced Nami’s strongest weapon di lei, the Clima-Tact, a bō that she can use to manipulate weather in her surroundings to devastating effects.

The Wano Arc showcased one piece‘s creator Eiichiro Oda’s knowledge of Japanese history and traditional culture, especially in the look of the island and its inhabitants. This cosplay set by Libby and Tess Yost did a great job in bringing to life two of one piece‘s fan-favorite characters, Nami and Robinin that unique setting.

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