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One Piece: 10 Best Main Characters, Ranked

One Piece: 10 Best Main Characters, Ranked
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When it comes to shonen anime, one piece still holds up as one of the best around. Its world-building is undeniably incredible, making way for a massive and eclectic universe throughout its long-standing run.

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Many characters have come and gone in the one piece world throughout the series run. However, at the heart of one piece is the endearing Straw Hat Pirate crew, consisting of the strongest and most eccentric pirates around. The question is, which Straw Hat is the best?

10 Franky

Franky From One Piece

Franky serves as the Straw Hats’ shipwright, and he’s quite the odd man to boot. With a Hawaiian shirt, tiny speedo, black sunglasses, and a tendency to shout “SUUUUUUUUUUUUPER!”, Franky certainly knows how to stand out among the crowd.

A freak accident after being hit by a sea train made him a cyborg, using scrap metal from a scrap yard to rebuild his body. At one point, he feuded with the Straw Hats as a member of the Franky Family crew, and his past di lui is even intertwined with Nico Robin’s.

9 Brook

Brook from One Piece

A decayed skeleton who was made alive after eating the Revive-Revive Fruit, Brook is the Straw Hats’ resident musician. Aside from his swordsmanship di lui, he can control his own soul, allowing it to leave his skeletal body and move around.

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The oldest member of the Straw Hat crew at ninety years old, Brook has a very playful side to him. He enjoys cracking terribly lame skeleton puns, which either irritate or amuse his crewmates. It’s those same jokes that kept him somewhat sane after his years of isolation before joining Luffy’s crew.


8 Jimbei

Jimbei looking angry in One Piece

A whale-shark fish man who was captain of the Pirates of the Sun, Jimbei was once a member of the Seven Warlords. It was due to his involvement with the warlords that the Sun Pirates eventually split up.

Jimbei is the most skilled practitioner of Fish-man karate in one piece, and he moves surprisingly well for a man of his size. He also believes in equality between humans and fish-men – a viewpoint that he shared with his former captain, Fisher Tiger. His respect di lui for Portagas D. Ace has much to do with his beliefs of him.

7 Tony Tony Chopper

Tony Tony Chopper smiling in One Piece

Every pirate crew needs a medic – and that’s where Tony Tony Chopper comes in. A reindeer made alive thanks to a Human-Human Fruit, Chopper is a skilled doctor who dreams of curing every disease imaginable.

He has the lowest bounty out of the Straw Hat Pirates – only 300 Berries to his name. However, that could mainly be attributed to just how small and adorable he is. Despite his cuteness of him, Chopper is still a capable fighter, able to take on seven different forms thanks to the Rumble Ball.

6 Usopp

Usopp in One Piece

Compared to the other Straw Hats, Ussop is the most physically weak member of the crew. However, he makes up for it with his marksman ability, using his trusty slingshot to take out foes from long distances.

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When he’s not sniping targets down or becoming a warrior of the sea, Ussop is oftentimes having the most fun. He’s the plucky comic relief of the Straw Hat Pirates, cheesing it up with Luffy on a regular basis. His comical nature of him certainly makes up for his cowardice of him, in some ways.

5 Nico Robin

Nico Robin in One Piece

Rather than being invited into the Straw Hat crew, Nico asked to join after Luffy (whom she had saved) forced her to live. Having served as a vice president to Sir Crocodile as Miss All Sunday, she is one of the more mysterious Straw Hats around.

Nico’s role in the Straw Hat crew is as an archaeologist, able to decipher Poneglyphs (which is considered a crime on her home island of Ohara). She’s the only Straw Hat to have a bleak past, as she has been on the run from the World Government for two decades.

4 Sanji

Sanji Vinsmoke in One Piece

Sanji is an exceptional chef, one who can whip up a delicious meal at a whim. He’s quite the ladies’ man as well, flirting with any woman that he lays his eyes on. Regardless of their good or evil affiliation, women are all the same to him – and he’s very protective of them, too.

Perhaps the most notable thing that fans will associate Sanji with is his feud with Zoro. More often than not, he and Zoro bicker on a regular basis, although they do get along whenever the time calls for it.

3 Nami

Nami smiling confidently in One Piece

Prior to meeting Luffy, Nami was a thief who stole from pirates just to buy her home back in the Conomi Archipelago. She is considered the smartest member of the Straw Hat crew, a navigator who can flawlessly predict the weather and pilot the ship through a storm.

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Due to her years of thievery, Nami developed a very cunning personality, occasionally manipulating her crewmates to satisfy her own greed. However, she is still a loyal crewmate at heart – even if the others get on her nerves sometimes.

2 Roronoa Zoro

Roronoa Zoro jumping while holding a katana with his teeth

The first mate to join the Straw Hat crew, Roronoa Zoro is an adept swordsman who serves as Luffy’s right-hand man. He has his own unique sword style, proving to be so strong that he doesn’t need a Devil Fruit.

In fact, Zoro is so strong, he’s considered a part of the “The Worst Generation” (fighting alongside Luffy and committing acts against the World Government will give you that distinction). A former bounty hunter who worked in the East Blue, Zoro destines to become the greatest swordsman in the world.

1 Monkey D. Luffy

It’s no surprise that the best character in one piece is the leader of the Straw Hats himself, Monkey D. Luffy. With his goofy personality and brute strength of him, Luffy has endeared himself to many one piece fans over the years.

Luffy has quite a friendly attitude, as his demeanor has earned him friends and allies from all around the globe. He has dreams of one day becoming a pirate king, and he will do whatever it takes to reach his childhood goal of lui. Even if he has a 1,500,000,000 berry bounty on his head of him.

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