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In Which Episodes Was Luffy Defeated In One Piece? The Straw Hats Captain Down In Battlefield

What Episode Does Luffy Fight Crocodile?
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What Episode Does Luffy Fight Crocodile?
What Episode Does Luffy Fight Crocodile?

One Piece is one of the great ongoing anime based on the adventures of Luffy and his crew. We all know that Luffy is extremely powerful, even from the start of the show. The secret of his power di lui is his harsh training di lui with Garp at a very young age. But things don’t always remain the same. As the journey of Luffy proceeds, he encountered some of the tough enemies. Many times, Luffy faced a terrible defeat. Today, we will analyze all the defeats of Luffy in this single article. So make sure you read this article till the end.

Before starting our article, let’s see some synopsis and facts about Luffy. Luffy is the main protagonist of the big hit, One Piece. He grew in East Blue under the Dadaan family alongside his brother-like friends di lui, Ace and Sabo. They trained under Vice-Admiral Garp. Luffy ate the Gomu Gomu no Mi, which allowed him to stretch his body parts like gum. He starts his journey to become a pirate king when he was 17 years old and recruited amazing members in his journey. So this was the brief synopsis of Luffy. Now, let’s get back to our main topic.

What Episode Does Luffy Defeat?

Luffy faced many enemies in the past and defeated them with great hits, but there are some enemies who countered Luffy and defeated him terribly. Let’s know about them.

1. Smoker:

When Luffy and His crew were in Logue town, they met with the captain of Marines, Smoker. Smoker ate the Moku Moku no mi, which allowed him to convert into a smoke. When he saw Luffy, he considered him as a threat and chased him till the end. In the battle, Luffy was terribly defeated by Smoker, but thanks to Monkey D. Dragon, Luffy was able to escape. These all happened in Episode 53 of One-Piece anime.

What Episode Does Luffy Defeat?

2. Crocodile

Technically, Crocodile was the first formidable opponent for Luffy. Crocodile was an extremely smart, intelligent, and worthy villain of Albasta Saga. He was also the warlord of the sea at that time. With his sand-sand power di lui, he cornered Luffy many times and injured him to death. Finally, Luffy paves the way to defeat the sand monster and finally defeats him. These all things happened in the 110th Episode of One-Piece anime.

What Episode Does Luffy Defeat?

3. Kuzan

Since Kuzan is too much for even today’s Luffy. Luffy encountered Kuzan after the CP-9 arc. Kuzan or Aokiji was the former admiral. He froze Luffy to the death while encountering and defeated him in an instance. However, Luffy was saved by Chopper. Aokiji talked to Robin about Ohara and leaving. Currently, Aokiji joined to Blackbeard Pirates with a vague objective. These things happened in the 228th Episode of One-Piece.

What Episode Does Luffy Defeat?
Kuzan Aokiji

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4. Pacifistas & Sentomaru

Just before the Great War, In Saboady, Luffy faced a terrible defeat by Kuma Pacifistas and Sentomaru. Luffy tried hard to defeat them but couldn’t. Luffy’s whole crew was sent to different places by Kuma. This breaks Luffy from the inside, and he realizes that he needs to become stronger. This is the biggest loss and defeats Luffy faced till now. These things happened in the 405th Episode of One Piece.


5. Kaidou

How can we forget Kaidou? Kaidou is one of the emperors of the sea who defeated Luffy in one blow. Luffy fights Kaidou in a full rush but ends up getting defeated. Luffy and his crew di lui are still stuck at Wano, finding a way to defeat him. Only time will tell us how they will defeat him but until then, let’s enjoy the show. This fight took place in Episode 915 of One-Piece.

What Episode Does Luffy Defeat?
Kaidou vs. Luffy

More About One-Piece:

One Piece is an action / adventure manga-based anime, written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda and animated by Toei Animation. The anime is still ongoing with over 990+ Episodes. The story revolves around Luffy, who set his aim to become Pirate King someday and find the great treasure, One-Piece. When he was 17, he sailed through the sea to get his goal done and formed an advanced crew. He recruits many amazing members who helped him to cross many hurdles. The anime is one of the best shonen anime you can ever watch.

One Piece Anime
One Piece Anime

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