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Everything We Know About The Upcoming Moon Knight Disney+ Series

Everything We Know About The Upcoming Moon Knight Disney+ Series
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Marvel’s sixth TV series, Moon Knight is currently on its way to Disney +. Moon Knight follows the story of Marc Spector, a mercenary with Dissociative Identity Disorder who becomes a crimefighter after Khonshu, the Egyptian moon god, chooses him as his warrior.

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Given the nature of Marc Spector’s story, the Moon Knight series is bound to modify the MCU forever. While a faction of the fandom is concerned about this, most fans are excited to see what’s next and believe a change is due for Marvel. In any case, until the series debuts on March 30, 2022, there’s no way of knowing how will the Fist of Khonshu fit in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

10 The Series Will Follow Marc Spector As He Becomes Moon Knight

Although hardcore Marvel fans already know Moon Knight as the mercenary-turned-hero created almost 50 years ago, the MCU will approach this hero from the very beginning. Moon Knight will be an origin story. The series will follow Steven Grant, an affable guy tortured by memories of a different lifetime, as he understands his own Dissociative Identity Disorder.

Things will get out of control for Steven after he realizes he shares his body with Marc Spector, a ruthless mercenary with a huge roster of enemies. Fortunately for him, and the fans, he’s about to stumble upon the mystic force of Khonshu, the Egyptian moon god.

9 It Stars Oscar Isaac As Marc Spector

Oscar Isaac as Steven Grant on the phone in Moon Knight

In October 2020, Disney announced they were in negotiations with Oscar Isaac for the role of Steven Grant / Marc Spector. Eight months later, in May 2021, Marvel confirmed the casting. Isaac might seem like an unexpected choice for the role, but the fans received this news positively.

Not only Isaac has proven his acting skills are worthy, but his roles as Poe Dameron in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, Duke Leto Atreides in Dunes, Miguel O’Hara / Spider-Man 2099 in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, among others, have earned him the love of several fandoms.

8 It’s Written By The Umbrella Academy Writer

The Umbrella Academy cast

American writer Jeremy Slater is Moon Knight‘s head writer and executive producer. Slater, whose career includes several comic to film or TV adaptations, is currently working on Netflix’s The Umbrella Academybased on the comic books of the same name written by Gerard Way.

Of course, Slater isn’t alone in this enterprise. In addition to his genius of him, Moon Knight features the work of Beau DeMayo (The Witcher, X-Men ’97), Danielle Iman (Caught in His Web), and Alex Meenehan (Bosch). Considering this writing roster, fans can rest assured the adaptation for Moon Knight will honor the comics.

7 It Features A Mostly Unknown Marvel Villain

In January 2021, Marvel announced Ethan Hawke (The Black Phone) was cast as Arthur Harrow, Moon Knight‘s main villain. Harrow is a mysterious cult leader who believes himself to be the savior of the world. After realizing Moon Knight could be a threat to his career di lui, he tries to push Spector into the darkness. Harrow’s character isn’t new to the comics, but his story of him is very different. Instead of a cult leader, he’s a doctor with shady morals who experiments on patients. Surely, many of his psychopathic traits di lui will be transferred to Moon Knight.

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Of course, Harrow isn’t the only villain of the series. In fact, there are some rumors that Loic Mabanza will play Raoul Bushman, Moon Knight’s main rival. These rumors started after Mabanza was seen in Budapest during filming, but nothing has been confirmed.

6 It Will Feature A Different Set Of Alters For Marc


In the comics, Marc Spector has at least three regular identities who usually help him in his heroic endeavors. First, Steven Grant, a billionaire businessman who grants him access to exclusive places, then Jake Lockley, a taxicab driver who allows him to blend around. Finally, Mr. Knight, a suited, more social, and more civil, Moon Knight version.

According to Moon Knight‘s official synopsis, Marc Spector will only have two of these alters. Steven Grant won’t be a billionaire, but a good-natured gift-shop employee dealing with his Dissociative Identity Disorder di lui. About this, Jeremy Slater explained that the billionaire philanthropist bit was left out of the equation to avoid comparisons with Batman. The other one is Mr. Knight. Although he hasn’t been introduced properly yet, the character can be seen in the official trailer, which was released during the Super Bowl LVI.

5 It Was Almost Created By James Gunn


In January 2017, James Gunn answered some fan questions on Twitter. When Moon Knight was brought to the table, Gunn explained he pitched a Moon Knight movie to Marvel. Unfortunately, this project didn’t get far due to his busy schedule of him.

There’s no doubt Moon Knight‘s director Mohamed Diab will do a great job with the series. However, now that fans have gotten to see Gunn’s bloodier and extra-cynic side in Suicide Squad and Peacemakerthey will always ponder what Gunn would’ve brought to Moon Knight.

4 This Is Moon Knight’s First Time In Live-Action

moon knight manga

Although this is Moon Knight’s first appearance in the MCU, Marc Spector has been around the Marvel Multiverse since 1975, when he faced Jack Russell in Werewolf by Night # 32. Only five years later, he got his own series, in 1980. During this time, Toei Animationthe creators of iconic animes such as one piece, Dragon Balland Sailor Moonbought the Moon Knight copyrights for an anime.

Unfortunately, this anime was never released. Instead, Moon Knight starred in his own mangaalthough this book is very difficult to find. Almost 30 years later, he appeared as an animated version in Avengers Assemble in 2013, Ultimate Spider-Man vs. the Sinister Six in 2017, and Spider-Man in 2020.

3 How Does It Relate To Blade?

Two years after Mahershala Ali was officially cast as Blade, the actor first appeared in the MCU during an uncredited voice cameo in a post-credits scene in Eternals. S.since Moon Knight and Blade are both members of the Midnight Sons, it’s only natural for fans to believe the Moon Knight series will introduce Blade into the MCU.

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In fact, in November 2021, a Reddit user claimed to have proof that Blade will appear in Moon Knight in r / MarvelStudiosSpoilers. However, they were unable to provide any confirmation. Fans will have to wait for the series to know if this is true. Even if it isn’t, the Blade upcoming solo film is a sure thing.

2 It’s The MCU’s Darkest Project Yet

Moon Knight Super Bowl TV commercial

Although the MCU is plagued with action-packed scenes and epic battles, most people agree it’s far from violent. Although many fans have explicitly stated their desire for an adult Marvel movie, Disney has kept things PG-13. According to Kevin Feige, Moon Knight is an exception to this rule.

Nothing has been said about Moon Knight‘s rating, but Feige has commented that the series is “loud and brutal” and “a different thing.” About this tonal change, the producer said that “it’s been fun to work with Disney + and see the boundaries shifting on what [they’re] able to do. “

1 It Will Only Last Six Episodes … But Will It?


As with every other Disney + Marvel series, Moon Knight has been announced as a miniseries, this time with only six episodes. In fact, in February 2022, Oscar Isaac referred to the show as a limited series. However, given Moon Knight’s importance, fans are expecting the series to change paths.

After all, Kevin Feige himself explained that many of the series are planned considering a second season. Regardless of how long Moon Knight will be, Marc Spector is set to change the MCU forever one way or another.

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