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Erased & 9 Other Anime Where The Protagonist Didn’t Get The Girl

Erased & 9 Other Anime Where The Protagonist Didn't Get The Girl
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Frequently in anime, the main character has a crush on a girl, and they eventually end up together in the end. Some examples of this include Sword Art Online and Ore Monogatari!! In these anime series, the main character does end up getting the girl he is after in the end.

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However, not everyone can have a happy ever after. It may hurt fans to see their favorite characters not end up together, but it does happen, whether they like it or not. There are multiple reasons why two characters don’t end up together, such as death or just staying as friends.

10 Erased: Satoru & Kayo Don’t End Up Together

In erased, Satoru has a power called Revival that allows him to go back in time to stop deadly incidents from happening. Because she is always alone, Kayo was one of the original victims of kidnapping and killing.

When Satoru goes back in time, in order to save Kayo from this tragic event, he befriends her so she isn’t alone anymore. However, at the end of the series, it hurt fans to see the two not end up together. All Satoru wanted was to see Kayo finally alive and enjoying her best life.

9 Princess Mononoke: Ashitaka & San Go Their Separate Ways

Ashitaka and San

In the Studio Ghibli movie Princess Mononoke, San works together with Ashitaka to stop the humans from destroying the environment and killing the forest Gods. Throughout the film, these two slowly fall in love with each other, Ashitaka even calls San beautiful as she holds a knife to her neck.

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At the end of the movie, when all the conflict is resolved, fans expected to see Ashitaka and San together. However, instead, Ashitaka and San decide to go their separate ways, Ashitaka with the humans and San with nature.

8 Your Lie In April: Kousei Finds Out About Kaori’s Feelings When It’s Too Late

Kaori and Kousei

Although he stopped playing the piano after his mother died, Kousei is forced to play again by Kaori, a gifted violinist. After being forced to play the piano for Kaori, Kousei slowly starts gaining feelings for her, but Kaori supposedly has feelings for Kousei’s friend.

At the end of the series, it is revealed that Kaori had a sickness called Friedreich’s Ataxia and passed away after a failed surgery. After her death, Kousei reads a letter written to him by Kaori which states she was always in love with him.

7 The Girl Who Leapt Through Time: Chiaki Leaves Makoto Behind

Chiaki and Makoto

In this anime film, Makoto accidentally discovers that she can leap through time, and she isn’t the only one. Chiaki is also a time leaper that came from the future to see a painting that was destroyed in his timeline.

Time leaping isn’t as great as it seems though as both users have a limited amount of times they can use it. At the end of the movie, before he uses his last leap to return to the future, Chikaki tells Makoto he loves her and asks her to find him in the future.

6 Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann: Simon & Nia’s Marriage Doesn’t Last

Simon and Nia

After discovering Nia in a dumped pod, Simon becomes very interested in her and even risks his own life to defend her. Throughout the series, Simon and Nia’s relationship continues to grow to the point where Simon proposes to Nia.

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However, after they got officially married, Nia starts to dissolve due to the Anti-Spiral’s death. Nia’s existence as a program was dependent on the Anti-Spiral and without it, she can’t exist anymore.

5 Code Geass: Lelouch Doesn’t Get With Any Girls

Lelouch Love Interest's

In Code Geass, Lelouch has three women after his heart. One of the girls in love with Lelouch is Shirley, who died shortly after her love confession. The second girl, Kallen, was seen to have a lot of chemistry with Lelouch but that stopped when he pushed her away so she wouldn’t get involved with his plans.

Finally, CC at first didn’t have a great impression of Lelouch, however, as time went on, Lelouch was one of the few that was kind to her. Due to his own death, Lelouch wasn’t able to end up with CC either.

4 School Rumble: Kenji Loves Tenma But She Doesn’t Feel The Same

Harima and Tenma

The main plot of this anime revolves around Kenji’s pursuit of Tenma. Kenji used to be known as a delinquent that would start fights and skip school. However, after falling in love with Tenma, Kenji says his old ways and attends school so he can be closer to her.

Tenma is oblivious to Kenji’s advances and has her own crush on Oji Karasuma. Sadly, in the end, Kenji’s feelings never get reciprocated and Tenma ends up with her crush, Karasuma.

3 Yami To Boushi To Hon No Tabibito: Hazuki Chases After Hatsumi For Nothing

Yami to boushi to hon no tabibito

On her sixteenth birthday, Hatsumi is surrounded by a green light and suddenly disappears into thin air. After witnessing her crush disappear, Hazuki follows Hatsumi with some magical help. Since then, throughout the series, Hazuki chases after Hatsumi in several different dimensions hoping that she will one day acknowledge her feelings.

One night, Hatsumi grants Hazuki her wish to be with her but erases the memory from Hazuki after. This upset fans who were rooting for them to be together.

2 Princess Tutu: Ahiru Loses Her Feelings For Mytho

Mytho and Ahiru

Mytho is a quiet and emotional prince who has many admirers. One of his fans is Ahiru, aka Princess Tutu, over time these two grow quite close with each other and she even helps him overcome the evil Raven. Mytho finds himself longing for Ahira but it becomes too late.

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Ahiru starts having feelings for Fakir, a knight that also has feelings for Ahiru. Ahiru revealed she doesn’t know why she liked Prince Mytho and only thought of him as handsome.

1 Canaan: Canaan & Maria Go Their Separate Ways Due To Their Different Lives

Maria is a photographer that investigates a battle between an unknown masked man and a white-haired woman for a newsworthy story. However, just as she is about to get caught in the battle, Maria is saved by Canaan, an old friend of hers.

Throughout the series, it is heavily implied that Canaan and Maria have strong feelings for each other. It hurt fans to see them part ways due to their very different lives.

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