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Demon Slayer Reveals Gyutaro’s English Voice Actor

Demon Slayer Reveals Gyutaro's English Voice Actor
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Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba has officially revealed who the voice actor providing Gyutaro’s performance for the English dub of the Entertainment District arc! The second season of the anime might have ended its run in Japan earlier this year, but there are still many fans who are making their way through the episodes for the first time as they had been waiting for the English dub release. The series has been steadily getting ready for the final fight of the arc overall, and that meant they needed to introduce the final key character for the arc as the battles heat up.

Demon Slayer: Entertainment District Arc will soon be launching Episode 7 of the English dub, and as fans of the original run know, this is where the major turn happens and the action doesn’t stop until the end. Much of this is kicked off by the full introduction of the Upper Six demon Gyutaro, and the official Twitter account for the series has announced that Brandon McInnis (Gen Asagiri in Dr StoneSir Nighteye in My Hero AcademiaEnd in BlackClover) will officially be providing the voice for the villain for the series. Check out the official announcement below:

The Entertainment District arc of the series was one of the best received by anime fans thus far as it not only provided some of the strongest opponents to Tanjiro Kamado and the others, but also led to the flashiest fights in the anime yet. With the English dub finally getting to this major turning point with Gyutaro’s full debut in the anime, it’s about to kick off and never let up until it finally comes to an end. But thankfully, it’s not the end of the anime as all as there are already plans in place for it to continue.

Following the end of the second season in Japan, Demon Slayer confirmed that it will be returning for a third season. Taking on the Swordsmith Village arc from Koyoharu Gotouge’s original manga series, this new slate of episodes has yet to be given a concrete release window or date but will be bringing in even more of the Hashira line up to the fight just as fans have already seen with Kyojuro Rengoku and Tengen Uzui in the episodes so far.

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