Boruto Needs to Stop Teasing Fans and Reveal its Big Villain’s Plan

Boruto Needs to Stop Teasing Fans and Reveal its Big Villain's Plan
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Kara’s Amado has been Boruto’s biggest mystery, with his connections to both Kara and the Hokage. Is his true story about him about to be revealed?

Warning: contains spoilers for Chapter 68 of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations

There is no other character in Borutoremove like Loved. With his quietly interesting, yet curiously frustrating presence of him, the questions that keep arising with each of his successive appearances of him are why exactly did creator Masahi Kishimoto decide to include him in the manga, and what is his purpose of him? If the latest chapter is any indication, it appears that Amado’s endgame is finally coming into play

For the entire series, Amado’s ultimate motives have never been made clear. In fact, Kishimoto hid them behind an extremely convoluted story. He’s one of the top, and most trusted members of Kara, responsible for some of its most heinous operations yet swore to kill its leader Isshiki Otsutsuki/Jigen. He’s responsible for the creation of some of the most powerful characters in the Naruto universe, yet there’s no true understanding of his origin or how he came to have such incredible abilities. After Isshiki’s death, he switches allegiance and joins Naruto against Kara but keeps the work he’s done on Kawaki’s kama secret. Fans can understand that he is an important element of the ongoing story, but for whom and why is anyone’s guess.


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With Boruto #68, however, the curtain hiding Amado’s purpose seems to be rising ever so slightly, in the aftermath of the battle that saw Momoshiki sacrificing himself to resurrect Boruto, Kawaki channeling the power of Isshiki, and Code running away. Believing that he could have defeated Kawaki had his restraint from him been removed, Code later sneaks into Konoha Village to find Amado and “persuade” him to unlock and release his full potential from him. Naturally, Code’s actions are discovered by multiple forces in the village including Shikamaru. This led to a fight that ended with Code transporting Eida into the room and setting up what looks to be a climactic fight of sorts between Kara and Konoha Village.

Boruto's Code comforts Beloved.

Even in the event of there not being a climactic fight, with Code’s focus on Amado and Konoha’s efforts to protect him, it will be hard for the story to continue without giving some clearer understanding of what is going on with Amado. That is, either Code, Eida, and perhaps Daemon, will succeed in persuading Amado to remove Code’s restraints from him; or Shikamaru, Naruto, Sasuke, and others will succeed in overcoming Kara. In either scenario, for Amado to continue with providing something deeper and more detailed on his background or purpose he is asking a lot of fans.

Already, the absence of official details on Amado has fueled a growing cache of fan-based theories. One of the most popular of these theories argues that Eida is Amado’s daughter or more specifically Amado’s cyborg daughter. This theory is stitched together from the tidbits of information that have been infrequently dropped in the manga. For instance, Amado admits to having a daughter who died about 12 years prior to the events in Boruto. Second, there is the fact that Eida has stated that she has the power to make anyone fall in love with her except Otsutsukis and her blood relatives. Amado is not an Otsutsuki, yet her powers from her did not affect Amado when she was actively present in Kara before Jigen ordered her and Daemon’s disposal from her.

While these theories are interesting, they can never replace the actual facts of the story. That is, they are not canon until they are corroborated by official sources. Hopefully, Boruto #68 is Kishimoto’s attempt to regain control of the narrative by finally dispelling some, or all, of the mystery surrounding Loved.

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