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A Journey Through the Practice of Printmaking — The Santa Clara

A Journey Through the Practice of Printmaking — The Santa Clara
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The Edward M. Dowd Art and Art History Building is now home to the captivating printmaking of Golbganou Moghaddas and Art Hazelwood. From Feb. 16 to April 8, the Art and Art History Gallery is showcasing a collection of etchings, woodcuts, linocuts and screenprints from the two artists.

Moghaddas, a San Francisco-based artist, and Hazelwood, an artist and lecturer at the San Francisco Art Institute, both offer vastly different explorations into printmaking. Visitors can now come Monday-Friday from 9 am-4pm to experience these new perspectives on an ancient art form.

The gallery interpolates each artist’s work throughout the exhibition, highlighting the stark stylistic differences between the two creators. Viewers can observe the small but remarkable differences between the various printing methods and appreciate the range of possibility within the practice of printmaking.

Moghaddas’ work features etchings inspired by her native country of Iran, along with firsthand experiences of living in the UK and US She is guided by Persian mythology and storytelling, which is illustrated through surrealist imagery, resulting in highly symbolic and intricate art. This metaphoric style demands viewers’ interpretation and is beautifully enigmatic.

One of the central elements in Moghaddas’ prints is her incorporation of anthropomorphic and mythological creatures. These individuals often serve as the focal point of the prints that they inhabit. Moghaddas also uses hands and feet as recurring visual motifs, which frequently appear to be growing, much like a burgeoning tree. This motif is best seen in the self-aware

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