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7 Ways One Piece Could End

7 Ways One Piece Could End
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All stories come to an end, and one piece is no exception to that rule. After 1000 episodes, 101 manga volumes, and a five-year estimation from author Eiichiro Oda, fans have begun to speculate when and how the series will end.

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For this story, some of these speculated endings range from happy to bad, to bittersweet. And while only Eiichiro Oda knows the truth of what shall happen, these fan speculations may be close to the truth of what the author has in mind.

7 The Great War

The Great War has been confirmed as being inevitable, but the war results are still a mystery. One theory holds one of the happy ending theories for the crew, which is what most fans hope for!

The short, sweet, and to the point of the theory is that the Strawhats head to Raftel and find the One Piece, Sanji finds the All Blue, and Robin discovers the last Poneglyph that contains the information about the Void Century. This causes the war to occur, and with some of the kingdoms backing the crew, they are able to win the war. Luffy will destroy Fishman Island and the Red Line. And with the rest of the goals met, Luffy is declared the Pirate King.

6 Friendship is The Real Treasure

One Piece Straw Hat Crew Timeskip

Despite certain things that he did not plan on adding, Eiichiro Oda has confirmed that this cliche ending will not be part of the story. But some fans still bring it up, causing others to quickly correct them to try and stop the spread of this idea.

This ending was more than likely suggested due to Luffy and his ability to befriend others quickly and how he is able to win some over by his actions. The fans also do not know what the treasure is. But no matter how many times Oda debunks this notion, there will always be doubters and cynics who expect the ‘Shounen Conclusion.’ Plus, it’s made for some good memes.


5 Bringing Down The Government And The Celestial Dragons

Luffy punches Celestial Dragon

To preface this, this is an old and outdated theory. But while some of its predictions haven’t come true, some prominent notes have come to pass. Notably, during the war with Kaido, when CP-0 tried to take Robin from the Straw Hats.

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The Wano Arc carries suggestions that one piece could end in the Great War where many alliances and friends Luffy has made in the past come together for the final battle. Luffy and his allies of him will win the war and then take down the Celestial Dragons and the Red Line dividing the World.

4 Passing On The Straw Hat


The Straw Hat is not just an ordinary hat Luffy wears for show. It was first owned by Gol D. Roger, who passed it on to Shanks, who would later pass it on to Luffy. Despite saying he would return the hat to Shanks after accomplishing his goal di lui, some speculate that Luffy may pass it down to someone else due to a pattern established in the story.

After Gol D. Roger had a crew dubbed the Roger Pirates, Shanks did the same by establishing the crew called the Red Hair Pirates. Shanks saw the potential in Luffy to surpass him someday and trusted him with the hat. And like his predecessors of him, he too established a crew of his own. These events have caused fans to believe that once Luffy has accomplished his task di lui, he too will pass on the straw hat to another that is deemed worthy.

3 More Adventures To Come

The Straw Hats Watch The Going Merry Burn

Some adventures never truly end. This theory is influenced by the scene of Luffy telling the crew that he broke the shortcut to Laugh Tale. At the end of that scene, he told the crew that there are plenty of adventures that still await them.

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After Luffy becomes the Pirate King and his crew is able to obtain all that they want, Luffy would more than likely want to continue to be at sea. With how loyal his crew di lui is and the fun they had across One Piece’s best episodes, they would follow him. After boarding the ship, the crew goes on to their next adventure, as there is still plenty more for the crew to experience.

2 Deteriorating Health And Death

One Piece Luffy Anime

Not every story ends the way we want them to, and this is another example of how fans’ highest expectation for a happy ending can be ripped away from them, especially when the hero of the story dies.

Luffy’s current gears and the possible addition of a fifth gear that has yet to be discovered assist him in defeating tough opponents. However, they also take a toll on his body than him. Due to the overuse of his gears by him, Luffy dies in the end. The theory is tragic but it wouldn’t be a totally unexpected plot twist, given One Piece can have surprisingly dark moments.

1 Execution

Luffy During Buggy's Execution

There are always other terrible endings for heroes. Rather than dying of natural causes, there is always the hero being killed, something most fans always dread.

Fans have discussed the possibility of Luffy meeting a terrible fate. The theory mentions the crew finding the One Piece and having all their dreams come true. But history, from time to time, can repeat itself. It is speculated that Luffy will be executed the same way Gol D. Roger was with some of his crew members watching, leaving the fans heartbroken.

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