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5 Ways It’s Exactly Like Fairy Tail (& 5 It’s Completely Different)

5 Ways It's Exactly Like Fairy Tail (& 5 It's Completely Different)
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Manga author Hiro Mashima is known for penning a small handful of popular series, from Rave Master to the long-running series Fairy Tail and more recently, the “space fantasy” hit series Edens Zero. Hiro Mashima is also known for recycling his own material often, from story themes to characters and much more.

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This means that while Edens Zero stands on its own as an independent IP, it still takes many cues from its predecessor, Fairy Tail. Any Fairy Tail fan will spot countless similarities between these series when they begin watching Edens Zero.

10 EDENS ZERO IS LIKE FAIRY TAIL: The Power Of Friendship Takes Center Stage

Rebecca Bluegarden, Happy, and Shiki Granbell sharing a drink in Eden's Zero

Fairy Tail is both beloved and mocked for leaning so heavily on the theme of “the power of friendship.” For fans of Hiro Mashima’s works, it’s an inspiring and universal theme to follow, even if it feels forced or cheap at times.

Edens Zero follows this trend with the main characters gaining strength from one another as trusted shipmates and allies. If a cherished friend is in trouble, Shiki and Rebecca will fight to the very end and push themselves to the limit.

9 EDENS ZERO IS DIFFERENT: It Has Science Fiction Elements

weisz edens zero

This is the single biggest difference between Edens Zero and its predecessor: Edens Zero is a sci-fi anime. Sci-fi anime fans should have a blast with this series, from its robots to its advanced spaceships and diverse planets in the Sakura Cosmos.

In particular, author Hiro Mashima explained that to him, “SF” means science fantasy, not always science fiction, and that reflects in Edens Zero. In other words, Edens Zero is more Star Wars than star trekwhile Fairy Tail is pure fantasy.

8 EDENS ZERO IS LIKE FAIRY TAIL: Two Main Characters Share The Spotlight

5 Ways Edens Zero Is Just Like Fairy Tail (and 5 Ways It's Different)

Most shonen manga/anime franchises have a well-defined lead character. By contrast, both Fairy Tail and Edens Zero split this role between two characters. That helps emphasize the “power of friendship” theme.

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By a slight margin, Lucy Heartfilia and Rebecca Bluegarden are the main protagonists, but only barely. They generally share this role with Natsu Dragneel and Shiki Granbell, giving audiences two different characters to relate to.


Edens Zero

Some anime series proceed at a leisurely pace and they don’t mind spending 20, 50, or even 100 episodes on one story arc or adventure. For example, Fairy Tail‘s Grand Magic Games tournament arc is several times longer than the entirety of Jujutsu Kaisen‘s current anime.

Edens Zero takes a different route. This SF anime keeps things moving at a brisk pace, which is good news for anime fans who don’t have time to binge their favorite shows all night long. It takes just a small handful of episodes to narrate a complete and satisfying adventure in Edens Zero.

6 EDENS ZERO IS LIKE FAIRY TAIL: Their Universes Involve Guilds

shooting starlight

Fairy Tail’s world was all about wizard guilds—formal organizations whose members could be hired for job contracts. The Fairy Tail guild was the biggest and most famous and it had rivals such as the Sabertooth guild and Lamia Scale guild. Meanwhile, Edens Zero has a guild of its own.

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Rebecca is a member of the Shooting Starlight adventurers’ guild, where ranked guild members may accept contracts for missions all over the Sakura Cosmos. Early in Edens ZeroRebecca helped Shiki sign up as a member himself and that was when their adventure truly began.

5 EDENS ZERO IS DIFFERENT: It Has A Clearly-Defined End Goal

Mother can grant any wish in Edens Zero

Stories tends to establish the main character’s end goal early on, so the story has a sense of purpose and direction, and many action/adventure anime series do that too, such as Demon Slayer and One Piece. By contrast, Fairy Tail’s story meandered for a long time and the main characters had no particular end goal.

Edens Zero does things differently. Early on, Rebecca and Shiki agreed upon a lofty and ambitious goal — to venture outside the boundaries of the Sakura Cosmos and meet the legendary Mother, a giant being who created everything and can grant wishes.

4 EDENS ZERO IS LIKE FAIRY TAIL: It Has Generous Fan Service

rebecca foot massage

Hiro Mashima has a bit of a reputation for putting a lot of fan service into his works; some anime fans enjoy it while others question its merits. In any case, it’s clear that both Fairy Tail and Edens Zerodespite their differences, deliver more than a little eye candy.

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Fairy Tail and Edens Zero feature quite a few attractive male and female characters who aren’t afraid to show a little skin or wear skintight clothes. Anyone who enjoys gratuitous fan service is sure to have fun with both anime series.

3 EDENS ZERO IS DIFFERENT: It Has More Diverse Settings

edens zero ship

Some anime series take place within a single setting or time frame, with Demon Slayer sticker to Taisho-era Japan and kakegurui taking place within a single high school. While Fairy Tail is often considered One Piece lite, it’s actually Edens Zero that shares One Piece’s theme of nonstop exploration.

While Fairy Tail largely takes place in the nation of Fiore, Edens Zero takes its characters and viewers alike on a journey across the Sakura Cosmos to tour a dazzling variety of planets and cities, some of which are truly odd or terrifying.

2 EDENS ZERO IS LIKE FAIRY TAIL: They Share An Optimistic Tone

The Chronophage could be the key to a happy ending in Edens Zero

Many shonen anime series are optimistic and cheerful stories, even if they have some drama or heartbreak in them, and Edens Zero shares Fairy Tail’s overall tone without fail. Both series balance this tone with tragic or scary scenes, but as a whole, these are light-hearted affairs.

Fairy Tail is all about adventure, friendship, and self-acceptance; Edens Zero has similar uplifting themes to help viewers feel good about themselves and their place in the world. No matter what kind of journey the viewer is on, they can find good friends with whom to share that happy journey.

1 EDENS ZERO IS DIFFERENT: It Has A More Limited Cast Of Characters

edens zero main cast

Edens Zero has a fairly large cast of characters since the story often travels from world to world, but so far, the anime has a more limited cast of characters when compared to Fairy Tail. When Fairy Tail started, heroine Lucy Heartfilia joined the Fairy Tail guild and met dozens of people all at once. She met many enemies, too.

In Edens Zero, the characters are introduced more slowly and the story maintains a more limited cast at all times, which makes things more manageable. Even the addition of Homura the swordswoman and the four Shining Stars didn’t make Edens Zero too crowded.

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