10 Worst Things About Boruto We Can’t Help But Love

10 Worst Things About Boruto We Can't Help But Love
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Boruto has taken a lot of heat for its being so different from its processors, Naruto and Naruto: Shippūden. The characters feel different, the world has drastically changed, and the target audience has largely shifted. With all these changes, there are a few things in Boruto that are bound to make some fans angry.

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However, just because frustrating changes occurred during the switch from traditional Naruto to Next Generations does not mean they were not good choices or advantageous to Boruto. Many fans, despite their criticism, understand this and appreciated Boruto for what it is. That being said, there are many terrible and cringe-inducing moments in Boruto that fans cannot help but love.

10 Orochimaru Has Completely Changed Personalities

Orochimaru takes care of Mitsuki

One of the weirdest things that have happened in Boruto is also one of the most surprisingly popular changes — Orochimaru’s shift in personality. He went from kidnapping kids, doing genetic experiments on them, and sending them out to destroy the Hidden Leaf Village to being the oddly supportive father figure for Hidden Leaf shinobi and artificial being, Mitsuki.

In many ways, Orochimaru’s father skills have outpaced that of Sasuke Uchiha or Naruto Uzumaki and Boruto fans love this new Orochimaru (if they can look past his incredibly heinous past crimes).

9 Boruto Is Wholly Different From His Father

Naruto catches Boruto while cheating

Naruto was such a beloved character because he was ostracized and disdained from childhood, but ended up gaining the respect of the entire village. He was a flunkee at the academy who went on to be the strongest shinobi alive and he did this with hard work and love. However, when fans met Boruto, they realized they were looking at someone completely different.

Boruto was arrogant and selfish and this made him less likeable. He even cheated in the Chunin Exams against one of his best friends of him. Naruto would have never done something like that. While Boruto is very different than his father, he is also his own character.

8 The Hidden Leaf Village Seems A Lot More Child-Friendly

Sarada and Boruto sit together at Lightning Burger

At the beginning of Boruto, things seemed like they were going to be more chill for the genin of Konoha. The village was much more conducive to happy civilian life, there were more resources available to make childhood fun and light-hearted, and the entire shinobi world felt safer. While fans knew that safety was only a momentary thing and that events would ramp up soon, a majority of the first hundred episodes of Boruto felt a bit more frivolous.

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Portraying the growth of Hidden Leaf Village was a great strategy as it was able to show the strides Naruto made for the shinobi world while still building up to and introducing serious events that would lead to the same or higher stakes as Naruto: Shippūden.

7 They Brought Back Some Previously Killed Characters (Sort Of)

Many characters died in Naruto: Shippūden that fans greatly missed. Jiraiya of the Legendary Sannin and Asuma Sarutobi were two such characters. Boruto decided to have the legacies of both characters return. For Asuma, it was his daughter de ella’s fight de ella with a member of the Jashin cult and her subsequent reconnection de ella with the spirit of her father de ella.

For Jiraiya, it was the emergence of a being made from his DNA, Kashin Koji, though Koji was very different than Jiraiya. Though these were not the same characters (or the corporeal forms of those characters) it was both complicating and touching to see these nods to the former beloved characters.

6 The Powerful Characters Are Nerfed

No one wanted to see Naruto and Sasuke get hurt, but they were just so powerful that it was hard to see them ever losing or stepping aside to let their children take the main roles in the fight. Boruto had to make space for the new generation and to do so, it needed to do the worst thing imaginable for Naruto and Sasuke fans: it had to nerf them.

Nerfing them resulted in some of the saddest and most heart-wrenching moments in the Boruto series and while these moments were enraging, they were good for fans who wanted to see the younger characters grow and face higher stakes.

5 Otsutsuki Are Frustrating But Tough Villains

Naruto fights Isshiki in the Boruto anime

The appearance of Kaguya Ottsuki at the end of Naruto: Shippūden was a controversial one. Many fans felt like the Otsutsuki were overpowered beings that came out of left field and did not have the proper amount of build-up in terms of plot and lore.

However fans might feel about the emergence of the Otsutsuki, there is one thing for certain: they are not going anywhere any time soon as they have become the primary antagonists of Boruto. They prove to be formidable foes for the characters who have already outgrown the competition of other shinobi.

4 The Kaminarimons Are A Strange Addition

Denki Kaminarimon in Boruto Episode 226

Having a techy shinobi from a rich family seems an odd inclusion since shinobi life is so dangerous. Denki Kaminarimon’s place within the shinobi ranks was not only subject to scrutiny by Boruto fans, but also the other shinobi and even Denki himself. Ultimately, thanks to Boruto, Denki was able to find a place where he fit in.

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While both fans and others Boruto characters were unsure of Denki’s choices, the introduction of the Kaminarimon has introduced other interesting side plots, such as the ninja trading cards, which have added levity and fun to Boruto.

3 Scientific Ninja Tools Are A Hot Debate

Ao Using A Scientific Ninja Tool

The addition of scientific ninja tools rocked both fans and the entire ninja world. It allowed characters to help gain power or heal from serious injuries. However, it also posed a lot of worldbuilding issues as well as ethical quandaries within the Naruto universe itself.

While scientific ninja tools offer a way to close the gap in power dynamics, they also begin to shift the story to more of a science-fiction feel, which is starkly different than Naruto. Still, these devices add intrigue to something that might otherwise feel old hat.

two The Old Characters Feel Less Cool

Boruto is supposed to be about the new generation, but that does not mean they had totally tone down the old characters. While fans were anticipating the time jump from Naruto: Shippūden to Boruto to give fans characters with cool new designs and aesthetics, fans mostly just got goofy-looking dads.

Take Gaara, Naruto, and Sasuke for example — rather than having edgy new designs to match and elevate their previous ones, they look a lot more understated. It makes sense because they are parents and need to take a back seat, but it frustrates some fans.

1 The Show Leaves Old Characters Behind

Naruto protects the village from the Otsutsuki

Along with nerfing characters like Naruto and giving them glow-downs, Boruto creators made the old heroes blend into the background. This was to make room for the new heroes and for the next generation to shine. After all, the success of the new generations was always the shinobi’s goal.

While it is painful for fans to watch beloved characters fade into obscurity or weakness, the new characters must have room to thrive. It is bittersweet, but Boruto must be the Naruto franchise’s true successor.

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