10 Mistakes That Still Haunt Boruto

10 Mistakes That Still Haunt Boruto
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Boruto is the long-awaited legacy of the Naruto franchise. As a result, it faces many of the issues that the former series set forth. Issues of power creep, explaining complicated plot holes, loose ends, and seeminly aging characters that aren’t wholly different, have all been struggling the series has dealt with.

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On top of that, the series made mistakes that led to even more issues. Some characters do things that set them and those around them on the course for failure or hardship. The series’ elements made to combat the aforementioned problems, have only made things worse.

10 Naruto Failed To Be A Good Father

boruto punching naruto

Naruto had a lot of responsibilities as the Hokage, and he couldn’t minimize them in favor of work-life balance because the lives of the Hidden Leaf villagers were at stake. He often neglected his family from him, and this led to a lot of friction.

Naruto was not there to train Boruto, he sent a clone to celebrate Himawari’s birthday, regularly missed dinner, and never had time to show his son how proud he was of him. Because of this, Boruto went resentful of him and often acted out, which lead to incidents like the Chunin Exam fiasco.

9 Boruto Cheated In The Chunin Exams

Boruto Chunin Exams Cheating

One of the most controversial events in the Boruto series happened during the Chunin Exams, a long-awaited arc, wherein Boruto used a scientific ninja tool to cheat. This was incredibly disappointing, as it showed fans that Boruto was not as noble as his father. Additionally, it made the rest of the exams look like a joke.

This event would come back to haunt the characters, and not just Boruto. Boruto had a strained relationship with his friend Shikadai after that, and scientific ninja tools and their ethics were brought into question consistently.

8 Scientific Ninja Tools Became Too Powerful

Ao Using A Scientific Ninja Tool

Scientific ninja tools present an entirely new problem as well, which is how powerful they can be, and it also shows just how technologically advanced the world became in a few short years. Not only do these tools make weak characters more powerful (especially if they can get their hands on technology unavailable to others), but it also presents a huge issue for normal jutsu use.

This is most apparent in the fights with Ao, who has a jutsu absorbing mechanism. While it can be seen as one way to combat the inherent power creep in the Naruto franchise, it also creates more problems.

7 Sasuke Didn’t Stay Home To Raise Sarada

Touching Moment Between Sasuke & Sarada

Sasuke Uchiha’s choice to leave the village and continuously search for more information on the Otsutsuki was not only novel, but it also mirrored his brother Itachi’s duties with the Akatsuki. However, there were problems with his absence from him, namely his relationship with his family from him.

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As the heir to the Uchiha clan, Sarada needed her father to train and raise her. Because he was never there, an entire search arc was created. Sarada didn’t grow as much as she could have, and there will always be apprehension between them.

6 Naruto Took Kawaki In

Naruto hugs Kawaki in Boruto

Naruto showed Kawaki compassion and took him in. There was no other way Naruto could have approached the situation given Kawaki’s background of him as a neglected and hated orphan. Naruto knows what it feels like to be ostracized, and he would never let someone else experience the same fate. So, it made sense that he would take care of Kawaki.

However, as fans saw in the time skip, there is a good chance that Kawaki will betray either Naruto, Boruto, or both in some way. At the very least, there will be a lot of tension.

5 Naruto Lost His Ultimate Weapon

Kurama's chakra fades away as he says goodbye to Naruto

Naruto had to do whatever it took to beat Isshiki, a villain that far outpaced most, if not all, Naruto. villains up until that point. In the fight, Naruto had to make choices that put his life on the line, but Kurama ended up taking the brunt of the consequences and died as a result.

This created a lot of obstacles. It complicates Naruto’s role in the series, as he is now painfully weaker than he had been. Though it can be seen as a way to nerf Naruto, deal with the power creep, and establish how powerful the new villains are.

4 Metal Lee’s Mother Is A Secret

One of the things fans have been most interested in finding out is Metal Lee’s lineage. Firstly, fans want to know who Rock Lee ended up with, he had so much misfortune in love throughout the entirety of the Naruto franchise. As a beloved fan favorite, fans do not like to see him short-changed.

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Not including Metal’s mother has enraged fans. There are so many questions surrounding who it could be, and fans are tired of guessing games.

3 Orochimaru Was Forgiven So Quickly

orochimaru smiling from naruto

While it hasn’t directly affected the Hidden Leaf Village yet, Naruto’s decision to allow Orochimaru to live and send his “child” to the Hidden Leaf Village as a shinobi is certainly a controversial move. I have hated Orochimaru so much during the original series. After all he had done, it is hard to see why they would accept him, even if he was the Hidden Leaf’s ally.

Nothing bad has happened, but many fans don’t condone the decision. It led to a lot of speculation and intrigue that the series will have to deal with.

two The Narrative Struggled With Power Creep

The power creep created a lot of frustrating issues. Scientific tools and the karma powers were introduced to combat overpowered jutsu, though most fans didn’t approve. Also, Naruto losing Kurama was a way for the writers to nerf an incredibly powerful character.

It seems the series is constantly looking to combat the power creep set forth by the previous series and does not always do so in an elegant or poised way.

1 The Show Gave Too Many Characters A Glow Down

There was nothing worse for die-hard fans of specific characters than to see their favorites get jipped with their designs in Boruto. Naruto doesn’t look as cool as fans had hoped. Sasuke’s look was much less threatening, and Gaara’s hair was a crime.

Fans wanted to see their favorite characters take on a cool appearance that made them look powerful and mysterious. However, they mostly just look like goofy parents, which could be the goal, but it’s not doing anyone any favors.

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