10 Anime Openings That Perfectly Fit The Story

10 Anime Openings That Perfectly Fit The Story
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If there’s one thing all anime fans love, it’s anime openings. They set the tone for the entire series, giving the audience a taste of what the story is all about. Sometimes an anime opening can become even more well-known and iconic than the anime itself. They’re a major part of every series, and the best openings leave fans excited for each new episode.

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With beautiful music, fitting lyrics, and interesting visuals that introduce characters, many openings perfectly match the series in every way. Sometimes they even drop tiny bits of foreshadowing that fans won’t pick up on until much later. Through these techniques and more, these anime openings are windows into the story, preparing fans for everything the series has in store for them.

10 Danganronpa: The Animation’s “Never Say Never” Is The Iconic Anthem Of The Series

Danganronpa The Animation OP

Opinions are mixed when it comes to Danganronpa: The Animation, with some fans enjoying it and others saying it missed the mark. However, all danganronpa fans can agree that its opening is iconic. “Never Say Never” is the anthem of the franchise and perfectly encapsulates everything about it.

The anime’s opening is a balance of grim and goofy that matches the tone of the series well. It introduces each character in true danganronpa fashion, with a good blend of the aesthetics from both the anime and the game. The lyrics hype up fans with their talk of hope and despair, all while showing newcomers what to expect with the series.

9 Naruto’s “Rhapsody Of Youth” Has A Big Emphasis On Naruto’s Bond With Sasuke

Naruto and Sasuke back to back

just about everything Naruto opening fits the series well, but “Rhapsody of Youth” is one of the most iconic out there. It has a much more serious tone than the previous opening, representing the shift in the series as Sasuke leaves Konoha and stakes are higher than ever.

It heavily emphasizes Naruto and Sasuke’s relationship, which remains a vital part of the series from beginning to end. The opening also uses visuals to represent the ongoing struggle to bring Sasuke back to Konoha, showing fans just how heavy and intense this arc of the series is going to get.

8 Higurashi: When They Cry’s Self-Titled Opening Sets The Tone For The Series

Higurashi When They Cry OP

Higurashi: When They Cry‘s first anime opening perfectly embodies everything the series is. From the music to the visuals, it all gives off a sense of mystery and creepiness to it. The blooming flowers and butterflies throughout the opening symbolize the loss of innocence, death, and rebirth, all of which are major themes within the story.

Meanwhile, the dark visuals and foreboding music let fans know that they’re in for something very sinister in the future. The first opening sets the tone for the rest of the series, creating just the right atmosphere for the story to begin.

7 Shugo Chara’s “Kokoro No Tamago” Is The Perfect Introduction

Shugo Chara Amu Hinamori

The openings for Shugo-Chara are all great in their own ways. Each is tailor-made for the series and tells the story of Amu’s journey as it progresses. However, none of them introduce the series better than “Kokoro no Tamago”. The lyrics, tone of the music, and cute visuals all perfectly fit in with the series’ adorable story.

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It introduces all the main characters, from heroes to villains to Guardian Characters. Key phrases from the series are incorporated into the song’s lyrics, such as Amu’s catchphrases for each of her transformations de ella and the iconic transformation phrase, “My own heart, unlock!” Fans only need to see this opening once, and they’ll already know everything they need to know about Shugo-Chara.

6 Death Note’s “The WORLD” Is A Flawless Depiction Of The Series

Death Note OP 1 The WORLD

Anime fans everywhere can agree that death note‘s first anime opening is one of the best of all time. It gives the audience a perfect idea of ​​what to expect from the iconic series, from start to finish. The opening uses a generous amount of religious imagery that symbolizes Light’s god complex and his obsession with power.

The music is energetic and hypes viewers up with suspense. Throughout the opening, scenes of Light and L facing-off set the tone for their eventual battle of wits. It’s a perfect opening all the way through that tells fans everything they need to know about the series.

5 Soul Eater’s “Resonance” Epitomizes Everything The Series Is

Soul Eater Anime Opening Resonance With Town And Moon

Both of the openings for Soul Eater are iconic and fit the series perfectly. However, out of the two, “Resonance” really captures the essence of the series and what makes it so unique.

From its dynamic angles to the unforgettable music to the introduction of each character, everything comes together and tells the audience everything they need to know about the series. Even the very name of the opening theme fits so well. It nods to one of the key parts of the storyline, the soul resonance between a meister and their weapon from him.

4 Elfen Lied’s “Lilium” Is As Sorrowful As The Storyline

“Lilium” is absolutely chilling in the most beautiful way possible. It creates a hauntingly somber tone that, accompanied by its breathtaking visuals, gives the audience a clear notion of what to expect from ElfenLied. The characters are all incorporated into various famous paintings and portraits, each symbolizing that character and the individual pain they carry.

While there’s nothing included to present a straightforward depiction of the story, the eery mood, symbolism, and beautiful vocals all set the perfect tone for this frightening yet very sad series.

3 Princess Tutu’s “Morning Grace” Has All The Fairytale Magic Of The Series

In just about every way possible, “Morning Grace” beautifully depicts the story of Princess Tutu. It sets exactly the right tone for the series, with its soft, delicate music and otherworldly visuals perfect for any fairytale.

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It introduces the main characters with all the grace of a prima ballerina, even including Ahiru’s duck form as she changes into a girl. With imagery tying into classical ballets and a hint of “Waltz of the Flowers” at the very end, this opening ties together elements of the story, fairytales, and classical ballet to effortlessly sum up the series.

two Clannad’s “Megumeru” Foreshadows The Events Of After Story

The Girl From Another World Clannad

Few anime openings match their series as perfectly as “Megumeru” matches Clannad. From the gorgeous visuals many have come to expect from Kyoto Animation to the song itself, everything about this opening reflects the nature of the series. The music has both a lighthearted and somber tone to it. This juxtaposition of emotions fits Clannad‘s story to a tee.

Each of the main girls is introduced, following scenes from their story arcs. To top it all off, it foreshadows future arcs that are integral to the overall plot and don’t even show up until Clannad: After Story. Needless to say, “Megumeru” paints an impeccably accurate picture of what fans can look forward to in the series.

1 Sailor Moon’s “Moonlight Densetsu” Is As Iconic As The Story Itself

Usagi and Sailor Moon Reflection

sailor Moon has had many adaptations throughout the years. However, no other theme for the series can compare to “Moonlight Densetsu.” Moonies everywhere hail this opening as the truest and best opening for the entire series, and it’s the one that everyone knows. The melodic lyrics perfectly describe Usagi’s love for Mamoru and their past lives as Princess Serenity and Prince Endymion.

The visuals depict Usagi and the others in both their civilian and Senshi forms, showing how they must balance the two different parts of their lives. It’s delicate and girly, yet powerful all the same, setting the tone for future magical girl series as well. No matter what openings come in the future, “Moonlight Densetsu” is the pinnacle of sailor Moon and goes hand-in-hand with the anime.

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