10 Anime Characters Who Would Play Wordle

10 Anime Characters Who Would Play Wordle
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Whether they’re smart, enjoy a challenge, or just play for fun, these anime characters could be seen playing Wordle in their free time.

Anime characters known for their smarts can be seen in a wide variety of genres. From the classic nerdy glasses student to the enigmatic genius, characters known for their brains are fan favorites. However, which anime characters would have the most fun playing a word game? wordle is a challenging word game that is taking the internet by storm — fans are now wondering which anime characters would be seen playing this game in their free time.

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Whether they have the smarts to beat a word game with ease, find a thrill in the challenge, or just want to play for fun, these anime characters could be seen playing wordle in their free time.

10 Wielder Of Solid Script Magic, Levy McGarden

Fairy Tail's Levy McGarden Reading

As a wizard who uses Solid Script magic, it’s probably easy for Fairytail fans to imagine Levy McGarden acing a word game. With her ability to break enchantments and solve ridiculous riddles, unscrambling a simple word is easy as pie for Levy. However, even if wordle doesn’t present a hard enough challenge for the bookworm, it isn’t hard to imagine Levy enjoying a fun word game — especially if her fellow guildmates showed some interest. However, if that were to happen, perhaps the word game would end up in a Fairy Tail brawl.

9 The Tactician, Shikamaru Nara

shikamaru nara

Naruto’s Shikamaru is known for his brilliant battle strategy. Shikamaru is able to best his enemies from him and make his way up the shinobi ranks with arguable ease despite it being a drag. The shinobi is also known to enjoy a game of shogi with his father and Asuma.

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It isn’t too hard for Naruto fans to imagine Shikamaru using his smarts to play a word game. Granted, figuring out wordle may not be as intellectually stimulating as battle strategy, but it is a nice and different challenge Shikamaru might enjoy.

8 The Archaeologist, Nico Robin

Nico RobinOne Piece

As the Straw Hat crew’s archeologist and the last survivor of the island Ohara, Nico Robin is known for her intellect. Due to her ability to read the ancient poneglyphs, Robin has a specific skill set. With her love of knowledge and history, it’s easy for one piece fans to imagine Robin enjoying wordle while resting on the Going Sunny. If the other Straw Hats got involved, a simple brain teaser would turn into a raucous and rambunctious game for everyone.

7 The Greatest Teacher, Koro-Sensei

Koro Sensei

Koro-Sensei’s teaching methods may be a bit out there — especially since his students are trying to kill him before graduation. However, he is one of the best teachers the Class-E students have ever had. With his assassination classes paired with his eccentric and silly personality, it shouldn’t be hard for Assassination Classroom fans to picture Koro-Sensei becoming obsessed with the word game. With his vast knowledge of him, this octopus could be extremely skilled at wordle — or he might just get flustered and tentacle-tied if he guesses wrong.

6 Classic Literature Club Member, Houtarou Oreki

Hyouka’s Houtarou is known for his listless attitude since his one true desire is to just conserve his own energy. However, with Chitanda around that rarely happens — if she gets him wrapped up in a word game or puzzle, Oreki will have no choice but to solve it. With Oreki’s deduction skills, he may just enjoy a little brain teaser. Since he’s been able to solve various mysteries around his school campus, wordle may just be easy pickings for the amateur detective.

5 Top Student In Class 1-A, Momo Yaoyorozu

momo passionate my hero

In My Hero Academia, Momo Yaoyorozu is top of her class. Not only is the girl a powerhouse while fighting against villains, but she is also extremely intelligent. The aspiring hero has great strategic skills and is also book smart.

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Picturing Momo solving wordle isn’t too difficult for My Hero Academia fans. With her personality de ella, Momo would happily partake in solving a simple word riddle if it meant being able to get closer to her fellow classmates and have some fun.

4 The Witch, Urara Shiraishi

yamada and shiraishi

With her nose always in a book or studying for the next exam, it isn’t hard to imagine that Shiraishi is one of the top students in her school. Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches’ Shiraishi dedicates her time to studying when she isn’t caught up in some magical shenanigan with the rest of the Supernatural Studies Club. However, Shiraishi’s book from her smarts make her the ideal mastermind for word games. Granted she might not have discovered them herself, but if Yamada or her other club members are stuck trying to solve a word, Shiraishi would gladly use her knowledge of her to help them solve wordle.

3 Contest Addict, Suzuna Ayuzawa

Maid-sama Suzuna Ayuawa

Despite being poor and having to rely on her older sister, Misaki, to take care of things, Maid Sama!’s Suzuna has a special talent. Her uncanny ability de ella to win magazine contests and bring home prizes from extra rice to hot-spring tickets. With her ability to win these contests, it would not be too far a stretch to imagine Suzuna excelling at word games and even enjoying them. Even if Suzuna managed to solve wordleshe would not be winning any interesting prizes except self-satisfaction.

two The Detective Without A Special Ability, Ranpo Edogawa

As a member of the Bungou Stray Dogs Detective Agency, Ranpo is a talented detective in his own right. Despite lacking a special ability of his own, the man has an unnerving ability to solve mysteries within moments.

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Playing a word game may just be a tad bit boring for the detective. However, Bungo Stray Dogs fans may be able to picture Ranpo playing wordle in the office just to spend the time since he is so easily bored without a case to work on.

1 The Studious, Shizuku Mizutani

Shizuku, My Little Monster

Strait-laced and determined to become a capable woman like her mother, My Little Monster’s Shizuku is the perfect student. With her somewhat apathetic attitude of hers, it’s easy to picture Shizuku having some fun with word games. They’re a perfect outlet for her to not only practice, but also show off her well-earned knowledge. Word games may also be the perfect medium for her to create friendships with her fellow classmates, especially with her socially awkward demeanor of her. Or wordle may just be one more way Shizuku gets annoyed with Haru.

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