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10 Anime Characters Who Will Never Tell A Lie

10 Anime Characters Who Will Never Tell A Lie
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Japanese anime features characters of all sorts, from lovable rogues and outlaws to upstanding shonen protagonists and wicked villains bend on world domination. These characters also vary greatly in the things that they say and do, with some characters being much more honest and trustworthy than others.

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Some anime characters are total liars, such as slippery villains or devious schemers, while other characters simply don’t have it in them to tell a lie for any reason. These honest characters are never seen lying or deceiving others, and given their personalities, there’s no way they will ever lie to anyone for any reason.

10 Tohru Honda Can’t Even Act, Let Alone Lie (Fruits Basket)

tohru honda happy

The beloved shojo heroine Tohru Honda is all about compassion, patience, and understanding, and in her eyes, everyone deserves a second chance at life. She learned all this from her late mother Kyoko, who also believed in the innate goodness of other people.

In the story of fruit basket, Tohru Honda made it her mission to personally connect with each of the troubled Sohmas and help them overcome their personal baggage and find happiness, no matter what, and lies will not help anyone, not even white lies. In fact, Tohru even struggled to act as the evil stepsister in a production of Cinderella. She simply can’t say or do anything she doesn’t believe in.

9 Shoko Komi Wants Genuine Communication, Not Mind Games (Komi Can’t Communicate)

shoko komi communicate

Shoko Komi is a shojo-style shonen heroine who is determined to make 100 friends no matter what, and she won’t win over any friends by playing mind games or lying to people. Shoko might tell jokes now and then, but she would never say anything she didn’t mean, nor would she ever tease anyone.

Shoko Komi has enough difficulty communicating as is, and she would never complicate things by spreading false rumors or tricking the people around her. She would rather remain silent than say anything even remotely resembling a lie, even an innocent one.

8 Izuku Midoriya Sticks To The Truth (My Hero Academia)

izuku looking toward the sky my hero academia

The shonen hero Izuku Midoriya is honest to a fault, and he believes in truth, justice, and the way of pro heroes. In his eyes, lies and deception are the tools of villains like Overhaul and Tomura Shigaraki, and he would never stoop to that level for any reason. The future symbol of peace must set a better example than that.

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Izuku believes in himself and his mission, and he also values ​​personal authenticity, a virtue he’s willing to share with others when the need arises. An example was when he spoke to Shoto during their sports festival match about using their full strength to fight. Shoto couldn’t deny the truth in Izuku’s words.

7 Lying Isn’t Gentlemanly, As Jonathan Joestar Would Say (JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure)

The first Joestar family hero, the noble Jonathan Joestar, reminds himself sometimes that he must be the perfect gentleman at all times, especially since he has the family’s reputation to uphold. Jonathan is an old-school shonen hero who values ​​truth, honor, justice, and courage above all else.

If Jonathan has a problem with someone, he will let them know and confront them directly, as was the case with his foster brother, Dio Brando. He would rather die a noble, truth-telling hero than sink to Dio’s level of greed and lies, and that’s just what he did.

6 Naoya Mukai Is Honest With His Lady Friends (Girlfriend, Girlfriend)

naoya mukai from girlfriend girlfriend

Although plenty of people could fault Naoya Mukai for having two girlfriends at the same time, at least they cannot fault him for being a lying cheater. Naoya is an honest boy who will always explain his feelings and intentions very clearly to anyone who asks, and it never occurs to him to deceive anyone.

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Naoya annoys a variety of characters with his shameless antics as his harem grows, but if any girl has a problem with him, he will truthfully explain himself as best he can, with no mind games involved. That’s just enough to help him keep his girlfriends and prevent them from leaving him.

5 Tanjiro Isn’t Known For Dishonesty (Demon Slayer)

Tanjiro smiles

Tanjiro Kamado is a generous and compassionate shonen hero who kills demons not out of malice or revenge but to protect people and find a way to restore Nezuko’s humanity. Tanjiro may lose his temper sometimes with Inosuke and Zenitsu, but at least he’s not a liar, nor does he insult or manipulate people.

Instead, Tanjiro will always speak the candid truth, and he will deliver harsh truths with a gentle tone if necessary. Tanjiro already knows how tough the demon slayer life is, and he sees no need to sugarcoat it or tell white lies. This life is a rough one, period.

4 Miko Iino Values ​​Honesty (Kaguya-Sama: Love Is War)

miko iino 2 kaguya-sama

Most of the main cast of Kaguya-Sama: Love is War usually lie and deceive one another in battles of wits, which is all part of the fun of this romantic seinen series. Then there’s the petite but tough-talking Miko Iino, who has no time for games.

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Miko is all about discipline and rules, and disappointments, lies, and pranks are unacceptable in her eyes. She doesn’t always get her way, but at least she is honest about her unpopular policies, and she would feel terrible if she resorted to lying.

3 Soichiro Yagami Will Act But Not Properly Lie (Death Note)

soichiro yagami

In one tense scene, the NPA officer Soichiro Yagami did deceive Light and Misa with a test, but he was really just putting on an act for the sake of the investigation, and he wasn’t actually telling a lie from the heart. It was almost a lie, but not quite, and Soichiro didn’t enjoy it at all.

Soichiro Yagami is a cop to the bone, and he values ​​tradition, law, honesty, and justice above all else. He is desperate to capture Kira, but he’s not the type to lie to his friends or his enemies to get the job done. He would surrender his badge if he ever stooped to lie.

2 Ryota Suzui Is Honest By Hyakkou Standards (Kakegurui)

ryota suzui kakegurui

Most students at the elite Hyakkou Academy are used to deceiving one another with bluffs in their games, but bluffing is just a part of the rules, not a true way to lie, so it’s no problem for a naturally honest boy like Ryota Suzui to bluff during high stakes gambles. But otherwise, he’s quite honest.

Ryota is a meek and kind student who will always tell the truth, even if he is terrified or in a position of vulnerability. Characters like Yumeko and Mary might lie or deceive others to get ahead, but Ryota doesn’t have it in him to do that.

1 Wakana Gojo Will Admit Anything (My Dress-Up Darling)

gojo with flowers

Wakana Gojo is a shy but hardworking fellow who loves to make hina dolls, a craft that he learned from his grandfather Kaoru. Wakana gets easily flustered and overwhelmed when he’s around strangers, especially lively girls like Marin Kitagawa, but he won’t dare lie to them or play mind games. He was raised better than that.

Wakana is an honest and diligent worker who likes to speak openly with other people to get the job done, and he will gladly admit to any mistake he’s made or ask any question, even if he might look foolish in the process. He might have trouble admitting when he’s uncomfortable or aroused, but he won’t lie about it, at least.

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