10 Anime Characters Who Take Themselves Too Seriously

10 Anime Characters Who Take Themselves Too Seriously
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Arrogant characters are no stranger to anime. In fact, dark and brooding characters who think of themselves as loners or who take their goals too seriously are a staple in anime. These characters are often loved or hated. They are either fan-favorites by their cool factor, or they are unanimously disliked because they cannot get over themselves.

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Whether they have cool-factor or not, these characters are notorious for taking themselves too seriously, and in retrospect, they are a little insufferable because of it. From the self-proclaimed avenger to huge egos, anime is full of characters who think a lot of themselves.

10 Naruto’s Sasuke Uchiha Was A Self-Professed Avenger

sasuke with aura

Sasuke Uchiha thought a lot of himself from the first moments of the original Naruto series. He was top of his class and knew it. While he was forced to come to terms with how much he had to learn a few times in the initial series, he was always overconfident in his abilities and resolute in his quest for revenge against his brother, who massacred their clan.

Sasuke remains a brooding figure who cares more about himself and his goals than his friends who put their lives on the line to save him until the end of Naruto: Shippudenbut he eventually comes around and changes his ways.

9 Fate’s Gilgamesh Is One Of The Most Self-Important Anime Characters Around

Gilgamesh Sits On His Throne In Fate Zero

Gilgamesh was a heroic spirit (archer class) based on the legendary Mesopotamian hero of the same name. He appeared in many different adaptations of TYPE-MOON’s Fate series, and he worked for multiple different masters.

However, whenever Gilgamesh was summoned, he almost always became his own master, as his ego was too strong to be overtaken by any human. After all, he was the “King of Heroes.” Gilgamesh was notorious for being self-centered and hubris, which made him a frustrating heroic spirit at times, but he was one of the most formidable.

8 Light Yagami Fancied Himself A Genius In Death Note

Light Yagami from Death Note

Light Yagami was a prodigy and a genius. He was the smartest guy in school, and everyone looked up to him. For a guy who knew his charm and intelligence about him, there was only one way this story could go. He obtained the Death Note and used it to kill those he deemed unworthy to live, and as he did, his ego grew.

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He lived long enough to see himself become the villain as a product of his megalomania. He was only able to get as far as he did because he was so intelligent and charismatic. His character traits of him pushed him to commit his crimes and become a horrible person.

7 Sesshoumaru Took His Family Feud Too Seriously In Inuyasha

Sesshomaru Takes A Short Break In Inuyasha

Unlike his brother Inuyasha, Sesshoumaru had quiet confidence. However, it was no less egotistical. Just like his brother, he felt that he could take on any odds. He looked down on humans and his brother for him for a long time.

It was not until he met Rin, a human girl who took care of him when he was injured, that he started to unlearn this behavior. Sesshoumaru never completely let go of his ego. He would always take himself very seriously, as he was a strong and serious person. However, I have stopped being a villain because of it.

6 Prince Zuko Of Avatar: The Last Airbender Was Hyperfixated On His Honor

Zuko leads his ship to the South Pole

Prince Zuko’s face was not the only injury he sustained at the hands of his abusive father, Fire Lord Ozai. He also took a huge blow to his ego from him, causing him to be rude to his allies from him at the beginning of the series. He was tasked with finding and capturing the Avatar, which was thought to be impossible. Zuko thought he was up to the task, and he took this overconfident attitude with him.

He was systematically beaten down throughout the series until he was forced to face the horrors of the war the Fire Nation waged and his desire to please his evil father.

5 Yu-Gi-Oh’s Seto Kaiba Was Too Serious About Duel Monsters

Seto Kaiba Awaits His Opponent In Yu Gi Oh Duel Monsters

Seto Kaiba was a rich kid with an obsession with collecting Blue-Eyes White Dragons. He was willing to do anything to get them. He took his rank from him as the top duelist in the country. What could make a kid more self-important than owning a million-dollar corporation, being the number one duelist and genius.

After Kaiba lost his duel with Yugi Muto, thanks to Yugi summoning Exodia, Kaiba started to change. Still, he never lost that deep-seated self-importance and ego. Rather, he just started using those traits for good rather than his gain from it.

4 Pokémon’s Gary Was A Jerk For No Reason

gary taunting ash from pokemon

Gary Oak was Ash Ketchum’s iconic rival in the original Pokemon anime. He was also related to the famous Professor Oak, which is likely part of the reason Gary had a chip on his shoulder from him. Gary was incredibly rude to Ash, and he thought a lot of himself as a Pokémon trainer, whether he won or lost.

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What was most infuriating was that Gary always seemed one step ahead of Ash. He easily defeated gym masters, he caught Pokémon at a much faster rate than Ash, and he had others’ support when Ash just had his two friends from him and Pikachu.

3 Spike Spiegel Was Too Self Focused In Cowboy Bebop

Spike Makes One Last Shot In Cowboy Bebop

Spike Spiegel was a cool-headed bounty hunter who exuded confidence. However, he had a dark secret. He had worked for a powerful organized crime syndicate and enraged one of its leaders by romancing his girlfriend. As a result, Spike was on the run.

This did not stop Spike from making a scene everywhere he went. He was always sure he could pull a job off, and he always made a mess of things. Even if he got his target, the team had to go through a lot of trouble to achieve that win. In the end, Spike’s past and his audacity caught up with him.

two Lelouch Lamperouge Felt The Need To Take Himself On An Entire Rebellion In Code Geass

Lelouch Laughs To Himself In Code Geass Lelouch Of The Resurrection

It takes a special kind of person to take on an entire rebellion on their own. Lelouch was part of the Royal Family and had the power of the Geass, which could corrupt anyone thanks to its ability to force people to do what he said against their will. He was intelligent and could play the game of political chess with the best opponents, but it was self-important to take on that role.

Lelouch thought he was the only man for the job, and the job was to liberate all of Japan from the Britannian empire. While Lelouch was effective, he ended up dying in the pursuit.

1 Neji Hyuga Was Obsessed With His Family’s Hierarchy In Naruto

Neji Hyuga stands before a house and stars out

Neji Hyuga was another Naruto character who was seen as a gentle-fist prodigy from a young age. He looked down on his teammates, especially Rock Lee because he felt superior.

However, he looked down on no one more than his cousin and the heir to the Hyuga line, Hinata. Hinata was not a great fighter, as she was too kind and gentle. Neji almost killed her during the Chunin exams as a result. Thanks to Naruto Uzumaki, Neji was enlightened and he started to respect his comrades from him more ..

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